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Mba Fabrications Inc. announces that it is going public

At CONTEXT Art Miami (December 2018), CEO Donald Ian McCaw announced that Mba Fabrications Inc. will be going public in the following year. The listing, on the American Stock Exchange, will make it the world’s first publicly traded art-making enterprise.

The decision was made in large part due to the success of the book ‘Paleo Investing’ by Dr. Dominic Nadali. Dr. Nadali’s thesis was that individuals should invest only in companies that have an authentic connection with the preoccupations of humanity’s earliest ancestors. Those activities were summarized by Dr. Nadali as WAMMA – weapons, agriculture, mining, medicine and art. His approach was controversial, to be sure, but it has become undeniably successful, attracting legions of followers who refer to themselves as Paleo’s. However, while they have found it relatively easy to invest in weapons, agriculture, mining and medicine, there hasn’t been a publicly traded art-making company for them to put their money into. Until now.

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