... the art matches the furniture, the furniture matches the art ...

It seems like every gallerist has a similar story to tell. One day a couple walks in and, after looking around nervously for a few minutes, they ask for help finding a painting to match their new sofa. Perhaps they have even brought a fabric swatch with them. While the story typically ends in dismissive laughter, the question will be asked again and again. Indeed, research has shown that consumers want a seamlessly integrated approach to decorating their home environment. Until now, however, decisions about furniture have been made separately from decisions about art, as if an invisible wall had been erected between the two realms.

In 2016, Alan Diamond, Managing Director of Situation Lamana USA, reached out to Donald Ian McCaw, CEO of Mba Fabrications Inc. The question was simple: would Mba Fabrications be interested in creating a line of original paintings perfectly coordinated with Situation Lamana’s newest line of furniture? The answer was an enthusiastic YES! In January of 2017, design professionals from the two companies began working together to create from the ground up a suite of furniture and original paintings carefully calibrated in terms of color and scale. Just ten months later, Diamond and McCaw will come together at CONTEXT Art Miami to introduce HARMONY@HOME, the result of those efforts, to the general public.

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