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It was recently reported that Fine Art is the weakest segment in the Home Furnishings category. In reality, Fine Art isn’t a proper segment at all, but rather a subgroup of the broader Wall Coverings segment, dwarfed by giants such as Paint, Wallpaper and Wood Paneling.

One of the many reasons for Fine Art’s humble status is its failure to embrace industry trends. For example, most furniture companies sell products in groupings that are matched at the factory, allowing customers to outfit an entire room with a single buying decision. 

At Mba Fabrications, we weren’t surprised when our research revealed that consumers expect from their art what they take for granted from their sofas and chairs. We challenged our R&D group to develop a range of attractive designs while our marketing department reached out to three leading decorators – Ali Moda, Nada Mladić and Cam Landon (pictured below) - to create exclusive color palettes for the new pieces.

The result is ARTPAK. Launched in 2014 at Art Toronto and Context Art Miami, and reintroduced at the West Coast Launch at Heron Arts in San Francisco in 2017, ARTPAK is a beautifully a boxed set of five color-matched paintings introduced to meet a long neglected need in the Home Furnishings marketplace. 

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